Leather Dreams and Chocolate Wishes

William was awakened by a yell. He switched on the light and saw Chris sitting straight up in bed. He was pale faced and sweating. William pulled his husband into his arms. “That must have been a pretty bad dream.”
“It was horrible…you can’t imagine.”
 “Tell me.”
“We were at Rudolph’s Reins and Leather Emporium and in walked E.B. He was dressed in full leathers and carrying a huge leather paddle! He looked right at me and said ‘Claus, your ass is mine.’ And all you said was ‘No chocolate eggs for him when you’re done, he’s on a diet;.”
William chuckled. “Okay, I guess I went a bit too far when I said no chocolate between now and Easter. I was only thinking of you when I said that, after all you’re the one that said you wanted to drop a few pounds before we went on our cruise.”

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