Christmas Future

Written for the WL 2012 Christmas Challenge

Space, the final frontier
These are the voyages of Chris Cringle and his sleigh
His lifelong mission to deliver Christmas packages
To seek out believers no matter how far they roam
To boldly spread Christmas cheer as far as his top will allow him

Santa’s log Stardate 2312.25: It has become increasingly challenging to deliver all my presents since human kind has moved out into space.  Though magical technology has allowed the reindeer and I to traverse the Alpha quadrant of our galaxy at warp speeds many times greater than those of the fastest starships in the fleet, I still have a hard time getting my run complete on time to be home by my curfew on Christmas day. 

I’m dictating this log while lying on my stomach in bed.  My poor butt is glowing brighter than Rudolph’s nose and it’s all the fault of that Brat James T. Kirk and his Vulcan Top, Spock! Okay it’s really not their fault at all, but they are at the centre of the reason I’m in this position.   

I had been doing very well on my deliveries and had finished up the Martian colonies, Alpha Centauri, Andor, and five Starbases; my next stop was to be a brief visit to the Starship Enterprise before heading on to Deneb.  However my visit on the Enterprise ended up being anything but brief!

Using our cloaking shield, the reindeer and I slipped unnoticed into the shuttle bay.  I turned on my personal shield which assured that none of the crew would see me as I moved about.  I grabbed my sack and headed off to drop gifts to all the good crewpersons, and burnt out dilithium crystals (the modern equivalent to coal) in all the naughty crewpersons stockings. 

As I was moving along the corridor my ears picked up on a very familiar sound, but not one I would expect to hear on board a starship.  I know I really should have ignored it, but I’m embarrassed to admit that my curiosity got the better of me.  I slipped invisibly through the doorway and was greeted by a sight most surprising!

Captain James T. Kirk was stretched out quite naked over the lap of Commander Spock and Spock was giving the captain a spanking of epic proportion.  Jim’s butt was the colour of those poor red-shirts whose existence is so short lived, and he was wailing out his apologies to the man whaling on him.  

The sight and sounds were so familiar to me that I could not help myself as I stayed to watch.  How many times over the centuries had I been in Jim’s position? More than I could manage to count.  Certainly I knew that other men lived in relationships like mine with William, but I had never actually witnessed another being spanked like this. 

Jim’s apologies seemed to have no effect on the Vulcan and I began to wonder if he was as emotionless as I’d heard their race to be.  However just when I was beginning to think I should do something to stop it, I saw a change in Spock’s face.  The firmness of his mouth softened and a slight look of sadness appeared in those dark eyes. 

Jim had gone completely limp and was sobbing piteously as the spanking ended.  Spock stroked his back and with one hand and with the other he reached forward and tenderly touched Jim’s face.  He spoke a single word “T’hy’la” and Jim’s sobbing stopped. 

Jim turned his face to look up at his chastiser, “I love you.”

“And I you.” Spock replied as he pulled Jim up into his arms.  Like a parent would cradle a child, he kept the sore butt from touching anything. 

I’d heard of Vulcan strength but to see it in action was something else.  He held Jim’s full weight without the slightest sign of effort and he kissed the captain with great tenderness. 

I was about to turn and leave when I noticed Jim wrapping his arms around the Vulcan’s neck and turning the tender kiss into one of passion.  After a moment Spock pulled out of the kiss and looked at Jim.  “You are incorrigible.  I gave you a most thorough spanking only moments ago and now you desire sexual congress?”

Jim grinned wickedly.  “You know heat in my backside always turns me on.  Come on Spock, do me, please.  I need you inside me; I need to feel you’ve forgiven me.”

“You know that once your spanking is complete that forgiveness is yours.  However,” a small smile tugged at the corners of the Vulcan’s mouth, “if you need me to give you physical reassurance then I am more than willing to oblige.”

Spock lowered Jim, who then climbed on his hands and knees on the bed with his bright red butt up in the air he gave it a sassy wiggle. 

I know I should have left then, it would be reprehensible of me to stay, and I’m ashamed to admit that I did just that.  The sight of the Vulcan stripping off his clothes drew me in, he was lean and yet well-muscled.  Where Jim’s skin was fair and surprisingly hairless, Spock’s was olive toned and dark hair covered his chest and narrowed down to a treasure trail that lead the eye to a cock that could only be described of as magnificent.  Though I had seen thicker, I don’t believe I’d ever seen longer and it had a double ridged head with no foreskin.  I don’t know if he’d been circumcised or if that was the natural state for a Vulcan, but whichever it was Spock was certainly well endowed.  Fully erect I’d have guessed it to be close to twelve inches.

As Spock knelt up on the bed behind Jim, realization of what I was doing hit me.  I was certainly no peeping Tom and I was suddenly ashamed of myself for watching this very private and intimate moment between these lovers.  I quickly fled the room and ran back to my sleigh and reindeer.  I was half way to the Denebian colony when I realized that I had left the Enterprise without leaving their presents.  I had to turn around and finish my job.

Once again I landed my sleigh and slid stealthily along that same corridor, passed the captain’s quarters and on to leave the gifts under the tree in the large recreation room.  I was just completing my job when I heard the sound of the doors opening behind me.  I know I had put a temporary seal on them so I would not be disturbed so I was quite shocked that they had opened.  However my shield should render me invisible to anyone so I had nothing to fear, or so I thought.

I was more than a little surprised when Spock entered the room and was shocked when he looked right at me, there was no doubt he was making eye contact with someone he should have been incapable of seeing. 

He stared at me for just a moment, and then raised a single eyebrow.  “I believe that I find myself in the presence of the legendary character of Santa Claus?”

I nodded slowly, “yes I am he who is known as Santa Claus, though my friends call me Chris.  How is it that you can see me?”

“I am Vulcan, I could sense your strong emotional presence.  From there I was able to adjust a scanner to detect you despite the advanced technology of your cloaking device.”

“I’m sorry if my emotions disturbed you Mr. Spock.  I will attempt to contain them when I am near Vulcans in the future.”

Spock raised his eyebrow again, “You know my name.”

I smiled, “you are half human, and it is my job to know the names of human’s wherever I go.”

“Is it also your job to spy upon humans during private moments?”

He knew! My face flushed hotly and I tried to come up with a reasonable explanation. “Well you know how it goes, ‘he sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows if you’re awake, he knows if you’ve been bad or good’ etcetera, etcetera.”

“And so you believe seeing Jim being punished is a part of ‘how it goes’?”

“No,” I answered ashamedly. “It is not, I…well I…let’s just say that I’ve been in Jim’s position on many occasions and I allowed my curiosity to get the better of my judgement.  I owe you both a sincere apology.  I’m afraid my husband would find my behaviour worthy of a spanking of equal proportion. I feel extremely guilty and ashamed for what I have done.”

Spock’s expression softened at my admission.  He tilted his head and gave me a bear hint of a smile.  “I suggest that you talk with your husband when you return home.  I am certain that he can help you with those feelings.”

If anything my face flushed a deeper shade of red, but I knew that this Vulcan understood only too well, how to deal with a brat in my position.  “Thank you Mr. Spock I will be sure to talk to him.”

“Then Mr. Claus I will bid you good night.”

“It’s Chris, Chris Cringle.”

“Very well Chris.  I believe the appropriate greeting would be Merry Christmas.”

I laughed, “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas to you Mr. Spock and please give my best wishes to Jim as well.  There are some special packages under the tree for each of you.”

I returned to my sleigh to my team gave a whistle and away we all flew like….well you know the rest!

When I returned home, over an hour later than my curfew that morning, I had to face a worried William and then add to his concerned by telling him the story of my encounter on the Enterprise.  Which is why I find myself dictating my log, with a glowing red butt, lying on my stomach in bed on Christmas morning.  Though my butt may be sore, my heart feels light, William took care of me as he always does.  Only thing that I regret is that I never did find out why Jim was in so much trouble with his husband. 


Christmas morning onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, Jim examined the contents of the package which had been labeled ‘To James Kirk, from Santa’.  Who could have given him such a gift?  Spock vehemently denied being ‘Santa’ but who else would know such a thing would be useful to the Captain of this Starship?  A large tube of C.C.’s Numbing Lotion, guaranteed to take the sting out of the sorest butts in the galaxy!
The End.